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Affordably Priced, Professionally Fitted Flooring in Uxbridge | Santak Carpets

First time buying new carpets? Whether you’ve chosen the Santak team as your preferred supplier, or you’re located further afield from our Uxbridge showroom and are simply looking for some informed advice from knowledgeable professionals, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ve looked to provide some simple and straightforward carpet buying tips.

But did you know we also fit laminate flooring, vinyl flooring and wood flooring products for clients not just in Uxbridge, but all through West London? So whatever type of flooring you’re looking to invest in, don’t hesitate to call Santak Carpets on 0208 561 9191 or 0795 650 9015.

Carpet Buying Tips

Learn the Terminology – Unlike when shopping for vinyl flooring and laminate flooring, there’s a fair bit of terminology that’s worth learning if you want to make short work of finding the right carpets. It’s certainly true our Uxbridge based team can break this down when you visit our showroom, but getting a head start will help you narrow down your shortlist, due to the different characteristics they refer to.

For example, the term pile refers to the loops of yarn that make up the carpet. Cut pile is typically shorter and more hard wearing, and ideal for high traffic areas of a property. Loop pile is usually softer underfoot, and ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. Uxbridge pet owners may wish to avoid loop pile, as animals’ claws can get stuck in loop pile carpets and rugs. There are many different types of carpets of both cut and loop pile, but thinking which of these two categories best measures up to your requirements is a great starting point.

Set a Budget – This advice is equally important for clients interested in laminate flooring and vinyl flooring, but – be sure to set a budget so you know what will be in your price range. This will quickly help you ascertain the types and models of product that will be affordable. If you simply guess at what you can afford, you may end up having to find savings on subsequent stages of a refurbishment or development project; not ideal.

Get Researching – There are many valuable sources online, from blogs like the one you’re currently reading, to YouTube videos from flooring experts, which will help you in finding the type of carpets, laminate flooring or vinyl flooring products that best suit you functional and aesthetic requirements. So get researching! A valuable form of research we’d recommend to those based near our Uxbridge showroom is simply having a browse. Our team will be on hand, just as they are over the phone, to answer any questions you might have and provide expert advice.

Keep the Space in Mind – While browsing a collection of carpets, rugs, laminate flooring or vinyl flooring, there’s one thing that should always be firmly held in mind: the space. You might get so excited about seeing a product online or in store that you force it into your interior design scheme. It might be unsuitable for a space for a few reasons, not just because its pattern or colour don’t match up with the room or the theme of your wider property. For example, it could be a delicate pile that won’t stand up to the demands of a much used hallway in a busy household.

Get Measured – Santak Carpets provides an inclusive, free measuring service to clients in and around the Uxbridge area, ensuring that you get the perfect length of carpets, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring or wood flooring. Even the slightest inaccuracy could make for an awful finish, with a gap between skirting board and flooring. So before you place an order, book in a measuring appointment where we can also identify any potential hurdles that the fitting will need to overcome.

Need assistance finding the right carpets or flooring for your home or place of work? Call Santak Carpets in Uxbridge on 0208 561 9191 or 0795 650 9015.