Spruce Up a Room with Our Range of Quality Rugs in Uxbridge

Across the Santak Carpets website, you’ll encounter oodles of information on everything from carpets, to the laminate flooring and vinyl flooring products that serve as fantastic modern alternatives. However, we’ll be the first to admit there is a slight dearth of information on the rugs that we make available to customers in Uxbridge and West London.

So here we’ve looked to rectify that by providing a buying guide for rugs that consider all the different surfaces that they could be incorporated on; this way those coming to browse our Uxbridge showroom can feel prepared, knowing how rugs will interact with/be incorporated with the core carpets, laminate flooring or vinyl flooring they are looking to invest in.

If you’ve already decided what you’re going to purchase, or require advice on other sections of our product catalogue, pick up the phone and call Santak Carpets’ Uxbridge showroom on 0208 561 9191. Our team of flooring specialists will be more than happy to help you with no obligation, expert advice!

Choosing Rugs for Your Home or Workspace

Rugs for Laminate Flooring – A premium, modern material, laminate flooring offers all the advantages of a synthetic material like vinyl but with an aesthetic that replicates natural materials like stone or wood; while it excels in so many categories, and thus proves exceptionally popular amongst our Uxbridge clients, one slight criticism is it doesn’t have the warmth of carpets. Rugs can make up for this.

They’re a perfect match for laminate flooring as the latter provides a “blank slate” to work with: a consistent look which informs the rugs you select. You could opt for a bold, dark colour or complex pattern that offsets the stark minimalism of a light and simple laminate flooring product; alternatively you could choose very simple rugs which contrast more intricate and eye-catching flooring. If you’re still unsure what you’re looking to achieve, call our Uxbridge showroom for tailored advice from a friendly team of flooring experts.

Looking to appeal to tenants with pets? The exact opposite is true! Go for very short pile carpets if any at all; laminate flooring and vinyl flooring is more appealing to Ruislip pet owners, as claws won’t get caught in carpets’ loops. Students? Something very hardwearing and easy to clean is essential: as a demographic, they’re not renowned for their ability to look after high-maintenance fixtures!

Rugs for Vinyl Flooring – One thing worth considering with rugs for vinyl flooring is the slip factor. The underside should have some sort of non-slip factor present to prevent a nasty accident. Rugs are rarely found in vinyl flooring laid areas of Uxbridge homes, due to the fact that vinyl is typically chosen for kitchens and bathrooms – and rugs don’t like moisture and spillages!

However, with careful consideration, nothing is out the question. For example, perhaps you have a large open plan kitchen and an area designed for eating or socialising could benefit from a few tastefully placed rugs.

Rugs on Carpets – Some feel that putting rugs on carpets is somewhat superfluous; you already have a warm and comfortable underfoot feel going on, why double down? But as carpets come in so many different configurations, from short piles to the most sumptuous long piles, rugs can carve out an area on carpets which says something completely different.

Likewise, they can spice up an interior design scheme on an aesthetic level. So Uxbridge clients investing in new carpets shouldn’t rule out what rugs can bring to the table… they can be simply functional and designed to rest bare feet on when sitting in front of the television, or be a daring centrepiece which has visitors asking: “where did you get that from?” Hopefully, you’ll be answering: “Santak Carpets, of course!”

Pick up the phone and call Uxbridge’s Santak Carpets on 0208 561 9191 or 0795 650 9015. We have a wide selection of high quality carpets, vinyl flooring and laminate flooring.