Flooring Solutions for Every Area of a Property, from Kitchen Laminate Flooring to Bedroom Carpets in Ruislip

Many of the prospective customers who visit our Uxbridge showroom from neighbouring Ruislip are families or company directors looking for quality flooring, properly installed; we also look to assist landlords who need to deck out a new rental property, or refurbish an existing one with quality laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, carpets or rugs.

The latter type of client is who this article is aimed at, for after all, whether you’re a seasoned landlord or just entering the buy-to-let boom, it can feel daunting knowing your interior design decisions will impact the appeal of the property. Likewise, it becomes a challenge to separate what you would seek and what the average Ruislip house hunter is searching for with carpets, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring or rugs.

If after the reading the below, you require further advice or wish to discuss our product range with us directly, pick up the phone and call 0208 561 9191 or 0795 650 9015. We have an expansive range of products available at affordable prices, and offer professional installation as standard. When you choose Santak Carpets for your flooring needs, you can have complete peace of mind knowing your rental property will look fantastic and feature functional flooring your tenants will love.

A Landlord’s Guide to Choosing Flooring

Know Your Market

A crucial piece of advice to consider is to choose flooring that suits the need of the types of tenant you look to attract. For example, plush carpets and rugs are ideal for young families as children can toddle around and fall on them safely. Laminate flooring and vinyl flooring should be restricted to bathrooms and kitchens in these kinds of properties.

Looking to appeal to tenants with pets? The exact opposite is true! Go for very short pile carpets if any at all; laminate flooring and vinyl flooring is more appealing to Ruislip pet owners, as claws won’t get caught in carpets’ loops. Students? Something very hardwearing and easy to clean is essential: as a demographic, they’re not renowned for their ability to look after high-maintenance fixtures!

Don’t Get Too Imaginative

Most of the time, tenants want to come into a property which looks great but isn’t completely overwhelmed by the landlords’ own sense of style; avoid garish colours and maximalist flooring products. Think simple laminate flooring, vinyl flooring or carpets / rugs which make the property easy on the eye, but still allow the tenant to imagine how their own aesthetic sensibilities can be incorporated.

Budget Accordingly

Some Ruislip landlords who visit the Santak Carpets showroom (in nearby Uxbridge) have a massive property they need to fit out on a strict budget; these types of clients aren’t looking for premium products, but value for money. Laminate flooring, which commands a premium next to vinyl flooring, may be out the question – as would be rugs which are a bit of a non-essential “extra” compared with carpets etc.

Others visit us looking to create a luxury flat that will bring in Ruislip’s affluent: here, no cost should be spared. This harkens back to the first point on knowing your market, but toward the aesthetic side of things rather than the purely functional aspect of flooring. In a nutshell: keep a budget in mind that matches the sort of rent your property will be commanding.

For more advice, or to learn about the expansive range of carpets, rugs, laminate flooring and vinyl flooring we supply clients in the Ruislip area, call Santak Carpets on 0208 561 9191!